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This is my first time joining this link up and I’m pretty excited. Right now I’m super swamped between being a newlymom, finishing up my last semester of grad school, and keeping up with my Etsy shop, so blogging has definitely took the back burner. I’m hoping to at least get one post in a week. We’ll go slowly!

Five Things I Know For Sure…

1. Laboring and birthing a baby out of your Vajayjay is seriously the worst pain in the world (as God said in Genesis)

2. The gospel. It happened!

3. Chocolate makes me feel better. I’m a total emotional eater. I like to eat my feelings away and most of the time it works! It also helps to watch a chick flick. That also makes me feel better.

4. I’m not aiming for all A’s this semester. I just know I’m going to graduate!

5. Mommy brain is for real. Example: I needed to get something at Target so Ellie and I went for a trip. I first started out at the entertainment section and debated whether or not to get THOR 2. I put it in my cart to think about it. Then I made my way to the gift wrapping section and noticed that this really pretty tissue paper was on sale. I grabbed two and put it in my cart. I headed over the kids section to find a specific shirt, but it was all sold out. I was so disappointed. I headed out to my car and it wasn’t until I went to grab Ellie that I STOLE Thor 2 and tissue paper!!! I completely forgot that I had these items in my cart and totally walked out of Target. They really need to get better security. That was too easy. Are you wondering if I kept the items? Ha!! I’m not gonna lie, it did cross my mind to just take it home, but no… I turned right back around and paid for my items. That was mommy brain right there.


Prompts for WEEK #9 (March 5) are:
My favorite comfort food is
My most memorable birthday was
The best karaoke song is
Boots make me feel
I am grateful

Lung Leavin’ Day Awareness

I’m writing an awareness piece on the blog today!

I’m really excited to write this because not only is blogging a great outlet for me, but it is also a place where I can help others out.

As I was scrolling through my email one day, I came across an email that at first I thought was junk mail asking me to donate millions of dollars somewhere or telling me I was chosen to receive a large sum of money from someone… We’ve all gotten those emails before right?

Anyway, after reading this email carefully and realizing it was NOT junk mail, I knew I wanted to help in anyway that I could.

We’re going to talk about LUNG LEAVIN’ DAY!


This is a story about Cameron and his wife, Heather. Cameron is the one that emailed me.

Heather’s story:

Eight years ago, Heather was diagnosed with mesothelioma. What exactly is mesothelioma?

MESOTHELIOMA: It is an aggressive cancer that affects the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen. Cameron also informed me that this rare cancer kills most people within two years of diagnosis!

After giving birth to their daughter, Lily, Heather was told she only had 15 months to live. Wow!
My heart broke hearing that Heather would only have 15 months to live.
To leave a husband and her baby girl behind? I can’t even imagine that. What if that was me? I know I’m not supposed to fear death because I know what’s to come, I have hope in that, but I still grieve over my future death and the people I’ll be leaving behind. My heart broke for Heather and I could relate to her fears of leaving her loved ones behind.

But this story does not end on a grieving note, it actually has a happy ending or beginning!!

Heather had her left lung removed and that surgery saved her life!
What a beautiful testimony! And this is where Lung Leavin’ Day was born!

What is Lung Leavin’ Day?

Lung Leavin’ Day was in honor of Heather’s left lung being removed. The purpose of it is to encourage others to face their fears! How many of us really need that encouragement? I face it everyday!
Each year, Cameron, his family and friends, gather together around a backyard fire. They all write down their biggest fears onto a plate and then smash them into the fire. They celebrate the lives that have been taken, for the people who continue to fight, and for those that are going through a tough time, and of course they celebrate life!

I don’t know about you, but the fire and smashing of plates is so powerful. You are taking your fears and smashing them into that fire as if to say, I no longer fear you! You no longer have a hold on me! How many of us are gripped by our fears? It’s a great visualization. And what I love about it the most is that they’ve made it a ritual with their friends and family.

I’m passing on this information to you to not only share this amazing story, but to encourage you as well.

Thank you Cameron, Heather, and Lily for reaching out to me and letting me share your beautiful story! May God bless you as you encourage others to let go of their fears and really celebrate the life God has given them!















20 Wishes Project

I’m linking up with my gal pal Nay at Coffee-n-Ink for this wishing project!

I have so many things going on that I think making a list will definitely help keep things together.

So here we go!

1. Read my devotional during my morning pump before E wakes up.

2. Keep coming up with designs. Don’t give up!

3. Date nights with husband.

4. Come up with creative ways to keep Ellie entertained.

5. Spend time wisely, especially with school work.

6. Learn the new platform for online classes.

7. Catch up on Downton Abbey

8. Switch pediatricians for E.

9. Go on mommy dates.

10. Write consistently for the blog.

11. Eat less chocolate. I know you must be thinking, “She’s CRAZY!” But seriously need to stop eating so much of it. If it was up to me I’d probably eat it all day! Oh wait I already do.

12. Ask for help instead of doing things by myself.

13. Have a girls night.

14. Go to the movies!

15. Drink lots of water!

16. Budget better since we’re only on one income right now.

17. Eat better for me and E.

18. Find a place to serve at church.

19. Book tickets to Chicago for dad’s birthday.

20. Love more.

Baby E is Four Months Old


I can’t believe my baby girl is now FOUR MONTHS!
It’s incredible how fast they grow.


E is now feeding 5oz every 3-4 sometimes 5 (depending on our naps) hours.
The doctor said we can start introducing her to rice cereal (which I bought right after our appointment) but after discussing this with the hubby, we decided to wait until 1) E was sitting u, 2) I could find something organic, and 3) know what the heck I’m doing.

***Mama’s I would love to know what you did with your babies… Yes, rice cereal? Yes, veggies and fruits at 6 months instead?***


Apparently teething makes you not want to nap during the day. E is power napping ALL DAY LONG! I’m not going to lie. IT IS SO EXHAUSTING! I don’t want to play baby Einstein anymore!


E is now 16lbs and 26″. I was kind of worried about her weight because when I saw other babies older than her, E looked so much bigger! The doctor said not to worry because E is actually really proportional— E is on the bigger side, but she’s healthy and that’s all that matters. I didn’t realize it, but E is tall and now I understand why her onesies need some tuggin to snap shut! Haha ~~


E loves her mobile!! When she’s fussy we just put her in her crib and turn on her mobile! Seriously, best $50 I ever spent. It’s what I call an investment! It’s the only thing that calms her down these days.

We just discovered that she likes… monkeys!! So of course… I have been buying anything and everything with monkeys on it. I’m a good mama! Or am I?

She still loves car rides.

She likes shiny things at the mall! She gets really excited about that.

She still loves changing out of her clothes!! It’s the funniest thing!! Every dad’s nightmare!


E must know when I’m not fully paying attention to her. She hates it when I’m on my phone. How do they know?

Obviously she hates teething. She’s in so much pain.

And I think I will also say she hates to nap right now. She’s been cat napping during the day and she’s so exhausted by her bed time.

Note to E: 

Dear E, 

I still love you and your stubbornness for not napping during the day. I understand you’re in a lot of pain from teething, but please try to sleep. Don’t fight it! I hope you and daddy can have a better bonding experience now that he’s going to be reading your bedtime story to you. This weekend is daddy’s birthday! It was on the 25th of January we found out we were pregnant with you! (Just one day before daddy’s birthday) Boy was he surprised! And now you’re here and we’ll be celebrating daddy’s birthday together. Which reminds me… We need to find a cute outfit for you!!! Love you my little puddin’! Love, Mommy. 


Blogging Accountability


When I switched over to WordPress and begged my husband to pay for Bluehost, he was hesitant to pay for it because I have a tendency to start something really strong and then become disinterested. But I really intended to stick with blogging. I wanted to record what it was like to be a new mother and etc… Well, December was a great month. I was pretty much writing everyday. Lately, I’ve been completely distracted with… INSTAGRAM SHOPPING and establishing my business. Dang, social media takes a lot of work… Don’t you agree?

So here I am… on my blog… asking YOU to keep me accountable! I really love blogging but making my business work is also important to me.

If you could suggest one or two link-ups, especially mommy ones, I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t want to become totally dependent on just link-ups but I think it will help start getting in the routine of things.

What’s your favorite link-up?!

A New Baby Line

preorder tees

I am so excited to introduce you to my new baby line!

The Story:

I am currently a SAHM and a graduate student so we’re on one income and finances are sometimes really tight. I decided to venture out a bit with my business from Etsy and open an Instagram shop.
I opened an Instagram shop originally to sell preloved or new items from E’s closet. Its been so much fun doing this and meeting other mama’s. I also have been recycling that money to buy E more things from other shops. It can be quite dangerous! *smiley face* Anyway, I was craving to do more! I noticed some Instagram shops were selling their hair accessories for babies, leggings, infinity scarves, and etc… And I thought wow! There’s a huge market for baby products. So, I started drawing up designs for baby tees and onesies that were E inspired. So far I’ve drawn up a couple of designs to get screen printed from a local shop because I believe the quality would be so much better.

Right now I’m taking pre-orders on both of these items;

1) You Make Me Whole tee: I love the arrow patterns that are so in right now! I had to design something that incorporated that type of pattern.
2) Mommy’s Coffee Date: This one is my ultimate fave!!! I’m always drinking coffee and E is always going to be my coffee date. Hopefully when she’s older she’ll choose to be my date. Right now she doesn’t know any better.

Would you like to place an order?

How to Pre-order:

1) Leave your PayPal email and tell me what size and what design you want
2) I’ll invoice you for the item. You will have 24 hours to pay the invoice.
3) After I put in the order, the turn around time will be about 2-3 weeks
4) These are currently not on my Etsy shop, but will hopefully be able to post it on there very soon. It is, however, being pre-ordered on my Instagram shop. You can follow

I hope you’ll join me in my new endeavor and support my new line of baby shirts and onesies! They make great gifts too!


Happy Shopping!


Suffering and Disability



There’s a class I signed up for at school it’s called Suffering and Disability Within the Church.
Okay, I think that’s what it’s called.
This is my last semester  and now that I have a baby I needed to make sure my classes were available online.
Not knowing what this class entailed, I was intrigued by the title and thought it would be a good class to take.
The syllabus became available and I quickly skimmed through it and my heart completely sunk.
The first assignment was to rent a wheelchair and go about my day in that wheelchair.
I panicked! I began to make excuses why I couldn’t take this class. I didn’t want to be in a wheelchair all day. I live in apartment with stairs! I don’t even know where to get a wheelchair. Where would I even go, I’m home all the time and honestly the way our apartment is shaped, I can’t even fit a wheelchair in there. And on and on and on it went. It was totally making me uncomfortable. I decided to look up other classes, but I needed another elective and there aren’t many choices for online classes. I was going to have to stick it out.

After all the excuses and then reality sinking in, I felt awful. Don’t get me wrong I’m still extremely nervous about this project because I don’t like doing this kind of stuff and it’s really painful for me. But I did feel bad for making all these excuses. I thought how else would I be able to understand disability if I don’t put myself in their shoes somehow? How will this class be effective if it’s only through a textbook that I’m reading about all this?

Classes start back up on Tuesday. I haven’t dropped the class, but if you guys could pray for me that I wouldn’t be nervous. That I would take this assignment seriously and be humbled by the experience. Also, to have an appreciation for those who have to go through this everyday.

Teething Zone

My first post for January! SEVEN days later! My apologies! I’ve been extremely wrapped up with my Instagram shop that I’m not even paying attention to my blog.

Okay so I made a couple of resolutions about living a more balanced life. So far that hasn’t been happening. I’ve been slipping and classes haven’t even started yet! I have one week to get it together.

On a different topic, baby E is starting to TEETH!



Here she is with Sophie le giraffe! The red is a little too sexy for me and Sophie’s face on this one scares me a bit, but anywho….

I went to the doctor because E was crying all the time and being overly fussy. She’s normally a happy, easy going baby, but the past week she’s been terrorizing the village and by village I mean mommy and daddy!
I’m honestly thinking about changing doctors because although they’re nice I don’t feel like they actually listen to me. I always get cut off when I’m talking (it takes me awhile to process what’s going and b/c I’m a first time mom I’m just confused about everything) and it’s always the same issue. I’m overfeeding her. Well, that could be a reason, but when I posted on Instagram about E’s symptoms, they all said the same thing. IS SHE TEETHING? SHE’S PROBABLY TEETHING. Seriously… why do I need to go to a doctor when I can just ask mommy friends? Mom’s make the best doctors and it’s free advice, not a $20 copay to tell me I’m overfeeding my child EVERY TIME.

After I found out E was teething, it all came together and I finally understood why she was terrorizing us! Thank you mommy friends. And then I just got really upset with my doctors office. I think I really want to look into a new pediatrician. What do you look for in a pediatrician? I need some help!

E’s 100th Day Celebration

ellie 100 days for blog

Yesterday was E’s 100th day! In Korea, a baby’s 100th day is a huge milestone that is celebrated. It’s called a “Baek-Il.” I just knew it was an important date for Koreans, but I’ve never actually understood why we celebrated it or why it was so important. Now that E has had her 100th day, I decided it was time to do a little bit of research and share it with you!

I found this off about the 100th day.

“In Korea, on the 100th day after a child’s birth, a small feast is prepared to celebrate the child’s having survived this difficult period. If the child is sick at this time, the family passes the day with neither announcement nor party, for to do otherwise is considered bad luck for the infant.

At this time the samshin halmoni is honored with offerings of rice and soup in gratitude for having cared for the infant and the mother, and for having helped them live through a difficult period. The family, relatives and friends then celebrate with rice cakes, wine, and other delicacies such as red and black bean cakes sweetened with sugar or honey.

To prevent potential harm to the child and to bring him or her good luck and happiness, red bean cakes are customarily placed at the four compass points within the house. If the steamed rice cakes are shared with 100 people, it is believed that the child will have a long life. Therefore, rice cakes are usually sent to as many people as possible to help celebrate the happiness of the occasion. Those who receive rice cakes return the vessels with skeins of thread, expressing the hope of longevity, and rice and money, symbolizing future wealth.”

- See more at:

Unfortunately we didn’t go anywhere yesterday to get red bean cakes. I only took a short stroll with E to the mailbox and then she was cranky the rest of the day. Maybe because I didn’t get the cakes… HMM. That could have been it.

Dear E, 

Happy 100th day, darling!
You’re growing so fast my little dumpling! Can’t believe you are 101 days old now. 
You’re my gift from God and I love you so much! 
Seriously becoming your mother has changed my life inside and out.


Are there any fun cultural traditions you have or celebrate? I’d love to hear about it! 

And…. before I end!
Happy New Years from me to you!




What’s Up 2014?

Wow! 2014 is just around the corner!


I don’t usually make new years resolutions because I always end up breaking it or I forget about it.
This year I’ll make a couple.

1. Balance



I need to learn how to balance everything going on in my life!

I’ll be finishing my last semester for graduate school. I’m taking three online courses and it’s a lot of work. Throw a baby in the mix? It’s going to be very challenging! I’m not very good at managing my time, so this will be a good time to work on balance! Also, need to find time to romance the hubby! Also hanging out with girlfriends is important to me too. Uh, can it be May already? I just want to graduate!

2. Pray about vocational guidance. Before E was born, I was in pursuit of a teaching degree. I was planning on finding a teaching job next fall, but with E here and being a stay at home mom, I honestly just want to stay home with my babe! Financially,  it will be tight, but I know we could make it work. I’m looking for different ways to make income from home right now (etsy & instagram shops). I know I’m sacrificing a “career,” but hey, life happens and sometimes you just gotta go with the curves. I’m actually really happy with what I’m doing right now. I have fun designing my mugs and now moving towards tees and onesies for infants and toddlers. I’m honestly not sure where my psych BA or my Christian Education degree will fit in, but God will use me no matter what.

I love this picture ~ found it on Pinterest



How great is this? I totally needed this reminder!

I’m embracing 2014!!
What are your resolutions for 2014?